Congratulations to all of the winners of NIHA Club awards, as shown below.  The awards recognize the outstanding effort and sportmanship of members on our teams that made the 2015 season our most successful yet.

Best Defense
Best Forward
Best Rookie
Most Improved
Dragons Pee Wee
Dillon Dewar  Evan Wilcocks  Liam McAuley   Nikki  Sharp

Coaches' Choice

Skyler Luo 

Spartans Bantams
 Madison Poole Brock Williams Lochie Atkins Stefan Zabrdac
Spartans Midgets
Ben Willcocks Cain Wilson Ben Willcocks Adam Bridge
Apaches SD2
Levon Wilson Steven Dack Tommy Page Ant Little
Gladiators SD2

Dan De Graaf

Uros Cirkovic Luke Foster Richard Morien
Knights SD2

Kent Beckman

Kent Beckman John Miles  Casey Haw
Panthers SD2
Jason Bull Peter Trang Neil Milligan Kristy Bruske
Pirates SD2

Blake Leggett

Matthew Rafty Grant Gillon Brian Maruncic
Vikings SD2
Jacob King Brenden Parker Benjamin Cook Chris Douglas
Arctic SD1

Mike Johnston

Ian Bickle Brett Hall
Pirates SD1
Jordan Williams Steven Dack Tommy Steven
Vikings Seniors S/L
Mark Holman Simon Magiskan Camille Dicquemare

Congratulations to all of the recipients of 2015 IHWA Division awards, and in particular NIHA members (as listed below) that have distinguished themselves in their Division, through their outstanding effort in the 2015 season.





Dragons Pee Wee
 Best Defence Player
Skyler Luo
Dragons Pee Wee
Best Rookie
Nikki Sharp 
Spartans Bantam
 Best Defence Player 
Brock Williams 
Vikings SD2
Best Rookie
Chris Douglas
Panthers SD2
Jason Bull
Apaches SD2
Best Goalie
Levon Wilson   

The annual general meeting of the Northern Ice Hockey Club was held on the 23rd November 2017. The minutes of that meeting can be downloaded and viewedat AGM Minutes 2017.

The 2016 accounts were presented at the AGM and are available for inspection at 2016 Accounts

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