Hey you Beauties!

Time to shampoo your flow and polish your bucket the 2020 Winter League is almost here! Another intense season of hockey is about to begin and 2020 is looking to be an awesome year for NIHA after a very successful 2019 campaign and some new teams entering the show there could be a few barnburners that's for sure!

There are also some new faces in the cabin this year, please welcome Nicole Colev your new VP and the great Paula Maclou who many of you will remember from the WA Inline Hockey community, as your new Secretary for 2020. Both Nicole and Paula bring a real wealth of knowledge and experience to NIHA so please make an effort to say g'day and get to know them this season (they don't bite hahaha) and never to be forgotten Neil Milligan has offered to step in and run the books one very last time for us all, thanks guys and welcome to the Penalty Box.

What can you expect from the new NIHA executive team this year, well we have a few goals this year and some of these goals are improving communication to all members with new initiatives for you to be able to access association information. Investment into player development, training equipment and referee / coaching support is also very high on our agenda. For NIHA to be able implement some of these endeavours we are still in desperate need of a development manager, equipment manager and anyone willing to help with marketing so if your well organised can spare a bit of time over the season to help organise development sessions or organise some promotional merchandise and similar small tasks then please contact me - we are a small team and need your support!

I am also pleased to be able to inform you that this year we are offering two lucky members (one senior and one junior) a free season each with details to be announced once our Member Information Pack is released. 

So with all that said whether you're a Bender or a Plumber, a Beauty or a Duster, NIHA are looking forward to watching you legends bottle-rocket the biscuit top shelf and Kronwalling guys so hard it looks like a yard sale out there this Winter Season. Enjoy the year play it safe out there with a high emphasis on sportsmanship and with us all making a massive effort to support all our Zebras big and small in their duties as they assist us to enjoy the great game and I'll look forward to seeing all your beaming Chicklets at the End of Season Ball!

Go get em!


President, NIHA

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